Pink Fire Pointer November 2010
HISTORIC BONER NO. 11 Shah Jahan, Mughal Emperor

The Evidence:

Yeah, yeah, we all get the hypothesized romantic provenance of the Taj Mahal, but what I'm more intrigued by is Shah Jahan's rumored black Taj Mahal, which he wanted to build directly opposite the one that stands. An art history professor went into all the theories behind the latter in undergrad, but......that education was a waste on all levels, since I forget what she said. Why isn't Wikipedia more thorough? Just when I thought I could get by on my laziness...

Next Time: A Soviet Composer (submission edition!)
Submission Edition! This dead boner was suggested by Mary, and he was an obvious choice, given his title.

HISTORIC BONER NO. 10 Evander Berry Wall, King of the Dudes

The Evidence:

Became a millionaire via his inheritance before the age of 22, but "squandered nearly every cent [of it] on pleasure" by the time of his death. That is the kind of $ugardaddy I need to find/seduce/acquire.

Next Time: The Mughal Empire
HISTORIC BONER NO. 9 Denys Finch Hatton

The Evidence:

I didn't realize how hard it would be to pinpoint sexy attributes of Mr. Finch Hatton. I mean, I guess I didn't pick up on the fact that Redford's character was a big-game hunter in Out of Africa (to be honest, I fell asleep and didn't finish that movie, so...). And he has The Rime of the Ancient Mariner engraved on that obelisk of his? I fucking hated that poem. -30.0.

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